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Press / Media / Broadcast / Charity / Government / Not-for-profit contacts
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These contacts are strictly for members of the media, not-for-profit or public sector.
We are unable to respond to enquiries from people outside these areas via these contacts

Martin / MoneySavingExpert Press Team

If you’re looking for:

  • A quote or comment from Martin or the team for a print or online news story.

  • A clip or news-based TV interview from Martin or the team.

  • A clip or news-based radio interview (we have ISDN) from Martin or the team.

  • Background information or case studies for a MoneySaving topic.

  • Information or comment for a journalistic piece about as a website.

Please email [email protected]

Martin’s publicist

For Martin’s publicist, please contact Goldbug or call 0203 7707612

Martin’s agent

If you're looking to request for:

  • Martin to make a main appearance on a TV or radio programme.

  • Martin to make a public appearance or speech (for a charity or organisation)

Important: This is not a way to contact Martin; it's just for booking purposes. Knight Ayton cannot reply to any personal enquiries or anything relating to

Charity / Government / Not-for-profit / Campaigns

Please note we may not be able to respond to all emails sent via this address.

This address is for charities, Government departments or not-for-profit organisations looking to work with

Please contact the Campaign Team via [email protected]

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